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Ed McNally Dies

Ed McNally, the founder of Big Rock Brewery, died on Tuesday, August 19, at the age of 89. The Calgary Hash has enjoyed Big Rock beer since 1985. In fact, we were the first "sports club" sponsored by the brewery. Thanks for everything Ed. We'll miss you.
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Canadian Hash Directory

On October 23, the official directory of Canadian hashes finally came back online at

The Calgary HHH web server was taken down by a lightning storm on July 17. It hosted and Thanks to the Calgary Unix Users Group for hosting until we find a new permanent home.

Man Gives Up Food for Lent, Will Subsist On Beer
Most people stick to giving up meat on Fridays for the duration of Lent, but one Canadian man is going a step further by taking on an all-beer diet. Read more here

mmm! Big Rock Beer

Globe and Mail and Hashing

The Globe and Mail (aka. "Canada's National Newspaper") writes about hashing in their October 30th issue. You can read the article online here

Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

#1787 - Annual Toboggan Run - 7:00pm Monday, February 2
Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Rosemont Community Hall, 2807-10 Street NW (behind Recycling Depot in Confederation Park)
On-In: Local 390, 390 Northmount Drive NW
What: Pray for Snow, People!!!
#283 - FMH3 - Snow Moon - 7:00pm Thursday, February 5
Hares: Can You Hear Me Now?
Where: Can You Hear Me Now and Knight Stalker's , 3004 9th Street NW
What: A Full Moon Hash maybe even with Snow
Cost: 5$
Bring: BYOB
#1788 - You Light Up My Night Run - 7:00pm Monday, February 9
Hares: Hardly & Twisty
Where: TBA
#1789 - Valentine's Run - 7:00pm Monday, February 16
Hares: Bare Down There and Granny Panties
#1790 - The Lost Boy's Run - 7:00pm Monday, February 23
Hares: Lost in Space
Where: TBA
#1791 - 7:00pm Monday, March 2
Where: TBA
#1792 - 7:00pm Monday, March 9
Where: TBA
#1793 - 7:00pm Monday, March 16
Where: TBA
#1794 - 7:00pm Monday, March 23
Where: TBA
#1795 - 7:00pm Monday, March 30
Where: TBA

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