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Hashing on the BBC

If you go down to the woods today you might well bump into hares and hounds. It is not a strange form of hunting or a woodland ritual. In fact, it is the world's biggest non-competitive, social running sport. Mike Bushell reports for BBC News.

Canadian Hash Directory

On October 23, the official directory of Canadian hashes finally came back online at

The Calgary HHH web server was taken down by a lightning storm on July 17. It hosted and Thanks to the Calgary Unix Users Group for hosting until we find a new permanent home.

Man Gives Up Food for Lent, Will Subsist On Beer
Most people stick to giving up meat on Fridays for the duration of Lent, but one Canadian man is going a step further by taking on an all-beer diet. Read more here

mmm! Big Rock Beer

Globe and Mail and Hashing

The Globe and Mail (aka. "Canada's National Newspaper") writes about hashing in their October 30th issue. You can read the article online here

Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

#1799 - Dutch Kings Nite Run - 7:00pm Monday, April 27
Hares: Daisy Duke, Can You Hear Me Now
Where: Sideline Grill & Lounge, 4036 26 Street SE
What: a big dutch holiday called Kings Day
Notes: Something about wearing orange, wooden shoes, and soccer balls. Don't expect pot, but there could be herring
Rocky Mountain #117 - Weaselhead Floodmagedon Run - 7:00pm Wednesday, April 29
Hares: Lay 'em In Snow
What: Experience the Weaselhead before it becomes an 8 lane freeway, still largely undisturbed from the flood of 2013. Excellent training for the Amazing Race or to run off these playoff beers. There will be Shiggy.
Cost: $5
#1800 - The Amazing Hash Trail - 1:30pm Saturday, May 2
Hares: Hardly,Twisted Sister, Suck No Evil, Aunty Frank and Hash Test Dummy.
Where: Lord Nelson, 1020 8th Ave SW
Cost: $49.99 per person. Includes food, refreshments and unique trash.
Register: Print out this Registration Form and bring it to the next hash.
Bring: NEW INFO Please bring a small backpack or fanny pack to carry clues that you will be receiving on the trail.Each team should carry at least one a phone that can send photos by text message (MMS). Remember to dress for the weather
Notes: Meet at 1:30 pm with departure at 2pm sharp. The run will take about 4 to 5 hours to complete. Hashers will run the trail in teams of 4 with at Least 1 Walker per Team. Each team should have at least one phone to text photos with. This is a pre-registered event. Cut off for this Amazing Trail is APRIL 27.

Watch this space for weekly updates.
#1801 - The Underwear Affair Run - 7:00pm Monday, May 4
Hares: Tighty Whitey and Granny Panties
Where: TBA
#1802 - Get a Job You Lazy Bums - 7:00pm Monday, May 11
Hares: Comes & Goes, Skewby, Rubbermade, Roaring Nancy
Where: TBA

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